Medáci - Charity Association of Merrymen in Stresovice

The original Association of Merrymen, founded in Prague in 1912, has been renewed in 1998 by group of youngsters, who wanted to bring to life original social life in Staré Střešovice. They wanted to keep the traditional local values of unique urbanism via organizing alternative culture programs.

This renewed association has been registered under existing law by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the CR. One of the main aims of the Association is preservation of natural and cultural values as well as organizing cultural events and educational work.

The Merrymen have moved into three historical buildings in Střešovice, which were at that time in critical situation and under the threat of demolition. Throughout the years the squatters have finished a basic reconstruction works and started a regular cultural program.

Details and current situation

Latest Press Releases

13. 9. "We woun´t let the cheat from the Acropolis Palace into Střešovice!"

PRAGUE - Yesterday in the old Střešovice took place a wild press conference, on which has been discussed the future of culture programme organised in the relicts of this unigue cottage settlement. The conference was heavily visited by many famous people, politicians, locals, artists and experts. During the meeting became clear, that Tomáš Klíma, the winner of competition for use of the house No. 96 (where almost all the cultural events organised by Merrymen are taking place) used to be the head of organisation, which financially ruined the culture Palace Acropolis based in Prague 3. Merrymen refused to convey this dubious enterpreneur the cottage, where they have been organising succefull cultural programmes for couple of years.

9. 8. 2002 The vendors of Nový Prostor magazine will help to clean Střešovice

PRAGUE - During this weekend The Merrymen association is organizing the third work-weekend. During Sunday and Saturday they will continue in cleaning public spaces in teh old Střešovice, collecting and driwing away the garbage and repairing cottages, in which Medaci organise their culture programs.